# What is this course?

Welcome to The Complete Python/PostgreSQL Course 2.0! Thank you for embarking in this journey with me.

Throughout the course I'm going to help you master PostgreSQL and how to use it effectively from within Python. We'll start at fundamental required knowledge of SQL and relational databases, and move to using databases in Python code with psycopg2. We'll learn about Object-Relational Mappings with SQLAlchemy, as well as a bunch more stuff:

  • Best practices for working with dates and times in databases;
  • Charting data from your database with matplotlib;
  • Working with JSON natively in PostgreSQL;
  • Using cloud PostgreSQL providers;
  • Displaying data on the web using Python, Flask, and Jinja2;
  • We'll build a Polling app to show you how to use AWS Lambda and RDS;
  • We'll talk about NoSQL databases and how they compare to SQL databases.

Let's get started!

Don't have the course yet?

Feel free to follow along with this e-book, but the video-course has a few benefits!

  • Complete video lessons for each topic
  • Get the most out of your learning
  • Master Advanced PostgreSQL
  • Get one-on-one help from a real person

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