# Curriculum Overview

Check out the table of contents on the left!

We'll cover:

  • A Complete Python Refresher (only available in the video course).
  • How to build a Programming Journal app that uses SQLite.
    • This section introduces databases and lets you get your hands dirty with this method of data storage!
  • How to build a Movie Watchlist app that uses SQLite.
    • Here we'll introduce new types of relationship, such as one to many and many to many.
  • Introduction to PostgreSQL concepts and differences between it and SQLite.
    • We'll learn about PostgreSQL, how to install it and run it, as well as how to connect to it with our Python code safely.
  • Migrate the Movie Watchlist to PostgreSQL.
    • We'll look at what changes we need to make to our SQLite code so it's valid in PostgreSQL.
  • How to build a Poll app using PostgreSQL.
    • We'll collect all our PostgreSQL knowledge and build a (rather large!) polling app.
  • How to deal correctly and effectively with dates and times in your database.
    • Explore date and time concepts and learn to handle timezones!
  • Advanced PostgreSQL and Python concepts using psycopg2
    • Topics like user-defined functions and stored procedures, locking, and SQL string composition with psycopg2.
  • (coming soon) How to create graphs and charts with your database data using matplotlib.