# Types of JOIN in SQLite

SQLite does not support all types of JOIN. From the SQL standard, it only supports LEFT JOIN, LEFT OUTER JOIN, and INNER JOIN.

In SQLite (and most other RDBMs's), JOIN is an alias for INNER JOIN. That means that so far in the course, we've been using INNER JOIN.

To learn more about the different types of JOIN I would direct you to Visual Representation of SQL Joins (opens new window).

It is by far the best resource and the easiest way to fully grasp SQL joins effortlessly.


At the time of writing, it seems some images are missing from the linked tutorial. This StackOverflow post (opens new window) has them, so it can be a good reference too!

Although that article does cover some types of JOIN which are not available in SQLite, they are available in PostgreSQL. It'll be good to know about them!