# Overview of Project: Polling Data

In this section we're going to explore how to use matplotlib to build a number of charts on top of our poll app database.

We'll learn to build line charts, bar charts, and pie charts. We'll also learn the fundamental building blocks of a matplotlib chart so that learning more will be easier!

Here's some of the charts we'll build:

# Line chart

A simple line chart to get us started:

A simple line chart to get us started

How to place multiple line charts in one image file:

Multiple line charts in one image

# Pie chart

We'll learn how to create simple pie charts, as well as how to display labels, percentages for each segment, and exploding certain segments to highlight them.

Complete pie chart

# Bar chart

We'll learn about bar charts, legends, and axis ticks:

Complete bar chart

And also a stacked bar chart:

Complete stacked bar chart